On the 25th of April 2018, CDI project implementing partner – CTC representatives arranged summarizing meeting with the Rustavi # 10 and # 28 Public Schools’ youth clubs members. The aim of the meeting was to assess the knowledge and skills obtained within the framework of youth competence development component and highlight the achievements accomplished during the fifth phase of the project. The fifth phase of the Community Development Initiative has launched since June 2015 and continued promotion of the local population living in the target villages and countries of East and West part of the BTC and SCP pipelines.   The program is initiated and funded by BP and its co-venturers in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) and, South Caucasian Pipeline (SCP) companies.

The aim of the youth competence development component is to build competences necessary for building the youth capacity for independent life. Two Youth Clubs have been established within the scope of the project in Rustavi Public Schools # 10 and #28. Over the three years, more than 170 pupils participated in competence development trainings and went through the seminars about: Project Management, Volunteering and Civic Activism, Job Search and Employment, Effective Presentation and Debate, Leadership and Teamwork, Effective communication and Conflict management, Personal and Environmental Safety, Conflict Management and Bullying, Environmental awareness raising trainings and etc.

“Training sessions in general were very interesting. I’ve acquired skills in subjects that are not taught in Schools. Mostly I liked the environmental awareness training and started perceiving the world environment in another way. I started avoiding plastic bags in supermarkets and promoting the stability of world ecology” – says Davit Skliaov, pupil of # 28 public School.

Upon the received knowledge during the project writing and management sessions, youth club members developed project proposals and with the financial support of the project implemented micro projects. During the CDI5 phase youth clubs developed and implemented six micro projects and equipped schools with the needed facilities.

63 kids from youth clubs were selected to participate in the three summer camps. The children were selected according to the level of engagement in the activities of youth clubs supported by involvement and participation in training sessions. In addition to education programs, the summer camps were full with entertaining activities and highlighted safety issues. “The summer camp was full of energizing activities and communication games. We supported each other and care about others health and safety. I’ve gained a lot of friends and good experience which will follow me for a long time.” – says Anna Giqoshvili, one of the summer camp participant.